Avast and AVG are both antiviruses that offer if you are an00 of prevention of malware. However , the two providers have a couple of dissimilarities. Some of the key differences are the interfaces, pricing, and features.

In the Avast interface, the best bar features a series of choices. These include the ability to agenda scans, personalized notification settings, free proxy list and reduce monitoring. The user can also choose to launch an intelligent scan with one just click.

The Avast user interface includes a dark grey background and bright green accent colors. There is also a left hand side rail with access control keys for different features. Several big blocks house prominently branded device for numerous functions.

The AVG interface has a similar layout but features a more intuitive design and style. It also uses pictures to give an overview of the current situation.

The Avast Total Maintenance website gives customers with dedicated support guides and technical support. They can contact the consumer service workforce through chat or email ticketing.

Inside the Avast client forum, users can post questions and browse through a variety of sections. Users can also flick through the message board for specific problems.

Avast offers 3 support hotlines. The customer support line can be bought 24/7. Clients can also talk with a tech through the cellphone. This program is generally for paid customers.

Similarly, AVG presents customer support through email and a knowledge base. All their support forum includes separate pieces for each product. Users can easily filter the posts by the most recent and also the most popular.